Pink Coconut Latte

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Folgers has it all wrong… the best part of waking up is a pink latte in your cup.

This simple latte is just hot coconut milk and Pink Pitaya powder that make a little love in your mug.

Pink Pitaya comes from the dragon fruit and is jam-packed with vitamin C and several types of B vitamins along with protein, fiber and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. It’s got a bunch of antioxidants and it’s an antibacterial so many of it’s properties are great for the skin, help to boost the immune system, improve metabolism and improves the digestive system.

I get mine from and I choose Suncore Foods brand linked here.


1 cup hot coconut milk, unsweetend1
1 tsp Pink Pitaya powder

In a microwave, heat coconut milk for about 90 seconds.

Add to a bender and add the powder. Blend for about 30 seconds until frothy.

Pour into a mug and enjoy your morning!