Love Language


It has been stressful and crazy in my little world here lately, accompanied with a lot of beauty. But in those common life situations, or even the hard-hitting, heavy stressors, its typical that we don’t have much time to cook and/or think about what to make in the kitch when we’re so caught up in the chaos around us. But we always need quick and easy access to pure food and nutrients that fuel our bodies which, in turn, fuels our hearts, minds and souls. Some people over eat in tough times, some people under eat. Some hit the gym, try to drink it away, or compartmentalize. Some isolate and some fight through the smoky room like a pro.

We all deal with stress, pain, loss, or love in our own way and that’s ok. I am certainly no authority on any of these things. But one thing I know is we need to remember to be good to our bodies, because they are the vessel of our hearts, our minds and our souls. Those three components drive the only vehicle we truly own on these winding roads of this crazy life, our bodies.

Admittedly, I doubt I handle stress, pain or loss in the best ways all of the time. Sometimes it knocks me down, other times I am able to stare it in the face and look it dead in the eyes and walk on. But I know, if I don’t handle it in a healthy way, I won’t handle love in a healthy way either. And what is more important than love? Seriously, name ONE thing.

So, I will always try to be aware of how I am handling hardship by feeding my mind, body, heart and soul in the ways that are right for me, in healthy ways. For me, simply writing this, is one of those healthy ways.

All these nutrient-packed smoothies make it a bit more simple in those fast-paced or hard times and they feed all of our beings with the things that can keep us going, whether happy or sad, stressed out, in pain or free like a bird, too busy or not busy enough, we need to take care of ourselves.

I truly believe food is a love language. So with that said, let’s make a pact, to love on ourselves first.


Lindsey Bishop