Carbs Carbs Carbs!


A Love Letter To Carbs... Dear Pizza, I LOVE YOU! Oh heeeey, Potato, you sexy thing! ⠀⠀

In our modern gluten-hating world, we tend to dismiss our carbs and view them as the bad guys. We don’t tolerate carbs, we curse them, claiming things like, “carbies don’t make Barbies.” But I will always stand up for these babes! The bod craves them and thus, I will feed the machine. What baby wants, baby gets and today baby wants CARBS! All hail the mighty potato! ⠀⠀

I found this beautiful read @eatilyitaliaon my recent trip to NYC and fell in love with @laurajgood and her cookbook that puts carbs back on the table. This book celebrates the beautiful mess that is the carbohydrate, and inspires me to the core! Of course there are health reasons that lead cooks and eaters to ignore the carbs and gluten and that makes perfect sense. You gotta do you, gluten rejectors! But if you’re not one of those people, by all means, indulge! In moderation, of course! Just some food for thought! CARB ON! And #MakeItBeautiful

Lindsey BishopCarbs