They Say I'm A Dreamer


A girl can dream... especially this girl! Sometimes the best ideas come when your head is in the clouds... or when you're in a pink kitchen from a store window in NYC! Lots of my aesthetic, creative and recipe ideas come to me in my sleep so I keep a little pink notebook on my nightstand, wake up, jot them down and go back to Dreamland because I don't wanna miss a thing! I think those kind of dreams stem from passion for what you're doing, what you love, and what consumes your soul. That's freaking beautiful, albeit annoying when you wake up with luggage under your eyes, but totally WORTH IT! ⠀⠀

And then there are those day dreams... they are forced, and I take my time to force the hell out of those things. They prompt goals and aspirations, achievements and some failures too. But who are we if we aren't the dreamers, the goal-setters, the achievers and also the failures along the way? Dream away, dreamers! Dream with me! And #MakeItBeautiful⠀⠀

"Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground." -Wilferd A. Peterson

Lindsey Bishop