Mother's Day


Happy Mothers Day! This day is not all about food, but of course we tend to celebrate with food. So celebrate! With that said, I have the most incredible mom. So incredible. Her name is Kim but she lets me call her Veronica (god bless her.) She’s taught me how to love hard, perhaps too hard😉 but that can’t be a bad thing. She’s taught me what kindness is and what it looks like to believe in yourself. She’s taught me strength. While I’m constantly relearning the lessons she’s taught me every single day, she’s my best friend, standing next to me, holding my hand and coaching me. BUT, she is also the one that handed down my passion for cooking and food. And when my mama cooks it is beautiful, but what it meant, was that our family sits at the table together and it brings comfort and heart, love and light. How blessed we all are for our mothers. To all the mamas... To mine. The babes with babes in their bellies right now and to the ones who’ve lost their sweet babies and the ones that are hopeful to be mommies soon or again. Happy Mother’s Day! #MakeItBeaitiful

Lindsey Bishop