PLEASE READ⚠️ This is your captain speaking. Every now & again I go down the rabbit hole that is my own personal Instagram page @littlelindsb. I laugh at myself a little, embarrass myself a bit, but I get to reminisce. I go thru a range of emotions & 1,000 memories. Each photo a footprint of where I've been, of where I thought I was going, of how far I've come. I reflect on the sadness I've felt when I posted things, the celebrations, all of the people that I love, the magnitude of the beauty in my life. Many times aware of how beautiful it was, other times where I could not see that it would become beautiful & some blips where it just fucking didn't. But here I am, ALIVE! With a beating heart, a full head of frizzy hair & a smile & you would never knew if I was happy or sad... but I’m ALIVE!

We never post photos of us crying, watching Dateline or The Bachelor on DVR w/ crumbs on our shirt, talking to our moms on the phone alone on a Friday night or eating breakfast in our car rushing to work, but I can recall the feelings I've had while doing so by these timestamps we call photographs.

I've been mostly happy & hyper-aware of all that I have to be grateful for & I love sharing that & this Dish Beautiful food w/ friends & strangers alike. But I am the girl with crumbs on my shirt or tears in my eyes some days. I've had grief & sadness that I have not showed the world & likely never will. But the struggles I've had (& I will have more,) they are part of what makes me ME & what led me to this moment here & now; the photos serve as a humble reminder. This food, serves a purpose, to feed the soul & to nourish the body that carries me through this life.

What you do get to see tho, it is the reason I live & breathe. It's the people I love, the things that make me happy, words that I read that melt me, people that inspire me, healthy food that feeds the mouths of those I cherish or an outlet to be creative, silly or maybe a day I just feel pretty. While we're all aware that things aren't always what they seem, I guess my epiphany is just that, sometimes what we post isn't always for the viewer, the business or for the "likes" but perhaps rather, for yourself, eventually.

Lindsey Bishop