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I’m Lindsey Bishop, the owner and founder of Dish Beautiful.

I am a creator, a writer, a home entertainer, recipe developer and culinary storyteller. My motto is “Make it beautiful.” I tend to live and breathe that motto in everything that I do, but especially in the kitchen and on a plate. I don’t back myself into a culinary corner of any particular cooking category like, Whole 30 or Paleo, Vegetarian or otherwise, yet I do tend to fall under each umbrella in a minimal way. My food is “mostly healthy.” However, I am never afraid to throw a little butter, cream or sugar at a situation so you’re gonna get a little bit of everything.

I like to use simple, attainable ingredients that lend themselves to bright, fresh, clean flavors or warm your soul from the inside out. I feel like this style of cooking stimulates the senses and always leaves you hoping for leftovers or wanting to make it again and again. Everything I make is as organic as possible and as locally-sourced as possible. 

I believe that food is a love language and we tend to cook and create with our feelings. I think that when our hearts are in anything we do, it shows, and to me, that’s so romantic and beautiful. But when we are giving and sharing that love and passion with other people, that’s a whole different level of beauty and romance. And then if we step that up a notch and make that dish aesthetically beautiful, now we’re in that “Old Hollywood kiss with the leg kick in the rain,” level of romance... and I’m aiming for that most days. I think we eat with our eyes as much as we do with our mouths so why wouldn’t we make something that tastes so beautiful, equally as beautiful to look at? 

So, here I want you to find beauty and inspiration, confidence and creativity, love and passion and of course, really really good food! Welcome to Dish Beautiful.